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10 Key Questions to Ask

Have you ever wondered what would be the right or the best questions to ask your someone on your very first date? Questions that could reveal his/her true personality to you, even if in a small way?

Yes? I bet you have! 

In the era of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people are as connected as they’ve ever been. We can hop on Skype and talk face to face with someone on the other side of the planet.

Gone are the days of snail mail where we have to write a letter, take it to the post office, and wait for the mail carrier to deliver it to the recipient in order to communicate with someone far away. Now we can send an email or a text and the message arrives in a matter of seconds.

We can talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

We are, indeed, more available, but are we actually more connected? Do our connections go any deeper than a superficial level? Just because we can connect with anyone whenever we want to doesn’t mean we’re getting anything out of those connections.

This is definitely true when it comes to our romantic relationships. We can tweet cute messages to our partner, post adorable pictures of each other on Instagram, and share loving stories on Facebook, but is that actually doing anything for our relationships? 

How do we know our relationships are anything but superficial? How can we be sure we’re taking our relationships to the next level? How can we know whether our partner is the one for us?

Such questions as:

  • What would you do first if you won the Lottery?
  • Or What is your biggest regret?
  •  And much more.. 

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