January 2019

Get Yourself a Life Coach Today

The Importance of Hiring a Life Coach Who is a Life Coach? The Dictionary definition of a Life Coach is: “a person employed to help people attain their goals in life”. Simply put, a life coach is your “motivator” and “encourager”. People do better naturally, when there is someone they can bounce off their ideas on, and someone who lets them “spill” all their aspirations however ridiculous they may sound,… Read More »Get Yourself a Life Coach Today

Book Your Free Business Coaching Session

Do You Want to Grow Your Business this Year? Do You Want To Grow Your Business This Year?  I imagine, your answer is “YES!!”? We offer Business Success Coaching and teach You how to Grow your Customer Base quite rapidly. We also show you how to create strategic plans for your business, such as finding out the following: – What are Your GOALS for 2019? – Customer interest research –… Read More »Book Your Free Business Coaching Session

Any New Year Resolutions?

WHAT ARE YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS? I wish you a Very Happy and fulfilled New Year! New Year Resolutions or Goals. So, what are your New Year Resolutions? Or put in a better way, what Goals have you set yourself for this New Year? If You have set yourself some Goals or Resolutions, have you got the will and discipline to carry through your goals and achieve them? When you… Read More »Any New Year Resolutions?