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Benefits of NLP Coaching

Benefits of NLP Coaching

What is NLP?

N.L.P. represents Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is the technique of getting people to re-programme their way of thinking so that they can achieve more positive results in their lives.

NLP teaches people how to learn, how to motivate themselves, and how to change their behaviour. The Goal is to Striving for Excellence.

Alfred Korzybsk, a pioneer in the field of Neurolingusitic Programming said: “God may forgive you for your sins, but your nervous system won’t”. He believed that NLP is an integration of neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics and systems theory.

Neuro represents all of our experiences, both conscious and subconscious are derived through and from our senses and central nervous system. Linguistic – our mental processes are given meaning, coded, organized, and, then transformed through language. Programming – people interact as a system, in which experience and communication are composed of sequences of patterns or programme .

Benefits of Using NLP.

NLP lets you model or copy human excellence in any form.

It lets you identify the things that make someone exceptionally skilled,  acquire that skill for yourself, pass it on and teach it to others. NLP helps you improve who you are.

NLP improves most aspects of your life, pushing yourself to be the best you can be, whether it’s with your family or on the job.

You can use NLP wherever communication skills can enhance results – for example, business consultation, management, negotiation, education, counselling, therapy, relations, parenting, nursing, public speaking, sports performance, parenting, teaching, and many others.

So, how does NLP help in Coaching Sessions?

NLP helps Therapists and Coaches change the impact of the past on a client; boosts a teacher’s capacity to teach and improves a students’s spelling skills. It also increases a business person’ non-verbal rapport, assists them in running more efficient meetings, enhances an athlete’s concentrations and enables people to conscientiously examine their own thoughts before they take various actions.

NLP teaches people how to use their brains. NLP goes deeper than most of other therapies. It studies excellence and teaches skills that promote positive change, which generates new possibilities and opportunities.

In our Coaching Sessions, I apply NLP principles in helping my clients modify their thinking processes and encourage them to model excellence various aspects of their lives.

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