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Do You Have a Balanced Life?

Do You Have A Balanced Life?

Do you have a balanced life? Are you completely happy in every area of your life?
If yes, then you are among the 1% of people on earth who are perfectly happy.

What Makes a Balanced Life?

You can see from the wheel of life above that you have eight main areas that need your attention for you to be perfectly happy..


Your career matters hugely. If you are in a profession that does not fulfill your needs for significance, then you are most likely to feel unfulfilled, even if you are earning a lot of money.


Money can come from your job or career. It can come from your profession, your business, your inheritance or even from your winning the lottery these days. But money alone has never been known to make any one completely happy. It serves many needs, but as the old saying goes: ” Money cannot buy you happiness”.


Your health can cause you a lot of pain or a lot comfort. If you are unhealthy at all, your whole body will succumb to that illness and all you can think about is how best and how quickly you can get rid of that illness. A person with an unhealthy body is usually a very unhappy person.

Significant Other/Romance.

Most people in life have to have some form of romance in their lives in order to be truly happy. Love is one of every human being’s vital needs in order to survive here on earth. We need to belong to someone who is significant to us and who considers us significant in their life. 

Fun and Recreation.

To be completely balanced, you nee to do more than just “work”. You know what they say: “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy!” You need variety and fun too. Human beings get bored when there is no variety in their lives. But you may have abandoned the idea of having some fun because other aspects of your life have taken up all your time. If that is you, then you will need help re-organising your priorities.
Personal Growth

 Personal Growth is the pursuit of knowledge and skills that will enable you to do more than just work and play.
It means you are open to new knowledge and skills through reading, personal training through courses, apprenticeships, mentoring etc. We all have to learn new skills from time to time, or “the World would leave us behind” literarily! Maybe, you’ve forgotten to improve your personal skills and knowledge? The Coach will help you by suggesting possible skills for you to learn.

Family and Friends.

Every person on earth values his/her family and friends very highly. Well, that is where we are first born into – a family and hopefully, also surrounded by friends. Without a good family base, most people are left very unhappy and disconnected with life in general.

Physical Environment.

Your physical environment is very important for a balanced life. People have to have a fairly comfortable home to live in. If your physical environments are not comfortable – like your home, your workplace, and anywhere else that you spend time in should be comfortable for you to be happy. 

The role of a Life Coach is to help you consider how to balance your life up so that you are happy in all the areas of your life.


You are now able to book one FREE Session with Dr Anderson. If you would like to discuss an area of your wheel of life that needs attention, then feel free to book your free session here.

Have a Merry Christmas Season and a Very Happy New Year!