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Give Thanks Every Day!

Giving Thanks for Your Life

When was the last time you said “thank you” for being alive? Sounds silly, doesn’t it? 

Well, if you barely have time to appreciate what you have, how can you ever desire anything more? 

We all have something to be thankful for, even those who live a modest lifestyle by choice or by circumstance. 

Do You Constantly Focus On Material Possessions and What You Lack?

Focusing on material possessions, rather than on the very fact that we’re living and breathing, tend to make us forgetful of the greater gifts, such as our families and our health. Life is a miracle and can be taken away in a moment’s notice. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, there are many ways you can show your appreciation for your life.

Five Ways to Express Your Gratitude

Sometimes, showing your gratitude can be as simple as saying “thanks!”, but other times, you can show gratitude by helping others, or paying it forward. After all, you’ll never know how a simple, kind gesture will affect someone’s day. 

Here are some ideas to help you appreciate life while also helping others:

1. Reach out to your extended family and friends

Send them cards just to say “Hi!”. Call or email them, or even throw a party to reconnect and show these people they’re important to you. Tell them you love them. Say: “Thank you for being you!”

2. Reflect on your Childhood and Ancestors. 

Write a poem, essay, or short story about your life. What sacrifices did your parents make for you? What struggles did the family endure? How is your life better or easier than that of your great-grandparents? How did these events make you the person you are today? Feel gratitude for the good aspects of your life. Say: “Thank You!”.

3. Meditate, pray, or go to your place of worship. 

Find a quiet place to think about all that’s good – your health, family, or home and simply say thank you to your Creator.

4. Reconnect with your spouse and children.

Actions speak louder than words, so turn off that television and spend some quality time with your family, just to have some fun! Whether it’s a surprise getaway or a family game night, renewing your relationships with your family, will strengthen your bond and bring you closer together.

5. Keep a gratitude journal. Write down all the things you’re grateful for in your life and reflect on all that is good. Even the simplest things such as finding a parking space at the mall or locating your missing keys are times to be grateful! Say: “Thank you!” Gratitude opens your heart to so much more love and blessings from above.

When You Need a Wake Up Call
Sometimes it’s all too easy to engage in these activities and give thanks for a good life, yet over time, we somehow fall back into our old habits. In these times, we need a jolt to remind ourselves of all that is good.

– Spend a few hours a week volunteering at a hospital, nursing home, or soup kitchen. 

Take a good look at the people you’re helping, listen to their stories, and be grateful that you’re fortunate enough to help those in need. Say: “Thank you!”

Giving IS Receiving

When you give of yourself either with a smile or another kind gesture, you receive the warm satisfaction of helping to make a difference in the world, one person at a time. Your uplifting attitude will be contagious and you just might be the recipient of a random act of kindness yourself..

There is great Joy in Service. When you serve others, you are inadvertently serving God. Come out misery and begin to think of how blessed you are to be alive, when so many other people are suffering and dying all around our world. Form the habit of saying: “Thank You!”.

A heart full of gratitude creates a happy and positive personality. You achieve more success when you have a happy and positive attitude in your life.

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Keep smiling! All is well.

To Your Success,

Dr Grace Anderson.