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Relationships can sometimes be tough..even with all your best intentions. Every relationship has difficult times. How you manage yours is what will make your relationship a success or a failure.

 What are the usual issues?

==>> Work can get in the way and then, there is the constant complaint from you or your partner: 
“I’m so stressed out”.
==>>”There’s too much to do at work”. And the two of you are at each other’s throat.
==>> You two are no longer finding time for the “special couple time” that you used to have before you moved in together, or within the first few months of living together.
==>> Children and their discipline issues are causing you two headaches.
==>> You don’t even know your partner’s interests any more…
==>> Conversations are no longer calm and meaningful – these days, you both just “shout” at each other…
And so much more..

What went wrong?

To start with, once the infatuation period is over and you and your partner settle down 
to the basic routines of living a wholesome life, the great “fire of passion” which 
brought you two together and burned for a while after you hooked up, is now 
gone. So now, you are beginning to notice each other’s faults. And the nagging
 question at the back of your mind these days is: “Did I make a mistake in moving in
 with this person?” 
If it’s any comfort, I can assure you that YOU ARE NOT ONLY ONE!
So, what do you do when it appears your love for each other is beginning to wane?
This little eBook: “How to Mend and Rekindle Your Love Relationship” will get 
you started on the strategies you need to rekindle the fire of passion in your 
relationship or marriage.
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Wishing you all the success you wish for yourself!