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Is Your Mind a Friend or An Enemy?


Your mind is the machine that is in your body that does a lot of thinking and organises your life for you. So, although your mind is not visible, it is, in fact connected to your brain and creates thoughts in your head, which eventually become the actions you take.


“The mind is the set of cognitive faculties including consciousness, imagination, perception, thinking, judgement, language and memory, which is housed in the brain. It is usually defined as the faculty of an entity’s thoughts and consciousness”. Wikipedia.


You can see that your mind is truly a power house! 

It is obvious that the mind is, more or less, the Control Panel that makes things happen or not happen in your life.


Say, you woke up this morning feeling down. You struggle to get to the bathroom to take a shower. You get up, walk around your bedroom and sit on the bed again. Your mind is telling you:

“You are really so tired.. you can’t go to work today.. Call in sick”. 

But another voice in your head says to you: “Oh, no, John, don’t do that! You will just get the sack! You’ve been off sick too many times this year. They’ll just sack you if you don’t go in today!”

You then decide to struggle — get a shower and go to work. You take a cup of coffee, and maybe some pain killers and manage to get to work.

At work, your Manager announces that today, there is an important visitor coming to visit and they have chosen you as ‘the smart one’ to show the visitor the “works”. 

So, you show the important visitor around. He is so impressed with your knowledge of the company that he puts a really good word for you with your manager. A few months later you get a promotion!

Ok, that was a fictional situation. But stranger things have happened.

So, what do you think might have happened if you listened to your “negative” mind? Got the sack? Or –what else?

Which is better? Being reprimanded by your boss or being praised / promoted by him? 


A positive mindset encourages you to do positive things all the time.

When you are feeling down, it reminds you of the times past when things had been good in your life and tells you to count your blessings and be grateful! 

You will find that as soon as you begin to count your blessings and open your heart to sincere gratitude, you start to feel really happy!


A negative mindset debilitates you with many negative thoughts.

“I am horribly fat and ugly. No one likes me”.

“I wish I were a little taller”

“I am not good at anything!”

“I am never lucky – not like John”.

“I don’t even know why I should carry on living .. what’s the point of it?”

Can you see how your mind is leading you astray? It is telling you that you are just not good enough in any if everything about you is just really horrible!


When negative thoughts come into your head, find a positive thought to dismiss those thoughts. Think of a time when things were much better for you.

How did you feel then?

Re-enact that feeling now and feel the rush of happiness through your whole body.

Put some nice music on that makes you happy and gets you up on your feet to dance.

Dance. dance, dance!! Life is good!

So How do you feel now?

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If you think you are “ugly” say to yourself:

“I am the best of me that God made. I am BEAUTIFUL!”

If you think you are “poor”, say to yourself:

“I may be poor, but I am healthy and I have excellent friends!”

I am sure you get the point.


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I do hope you can now begin to understand how to train your mind to become your friend, rather than your enemy. 

One easy way to change your mindset is by practising GRATITUDE every single day. 

Just “Count Your Blessings” instead of your misfortunes and be thankful.

Chat again soon.