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Welcome to Life Mastery Masterclass.

What do we offer?

We offer Life Coaching Services for:

– Personal Development: Mindset, Motivation, Goal Setting, etc

– Personal Success: Career coaching, stress relief, anger management, relationship issues, etc.

– Business Success: Strategic planning, leadership skills, team building skills, etc.

– Wealth Creation: Utilize skills from well-known wealthy individuals to encourage wealth-creation.

Our Life Coaching Services are online and via Skype.

To register your interest in our Life Coaching Service, please email us: for an initial 20 minutes FREE Session, for us to ascertain what your needs are.

-If you prefer to book your sessions straight away, please Click here.

– Courses: In addition, we offer eBook and Video Courses in the same areas as above, to help you achieve self-mastery and spectacular success.

Our Courses that are designed to help People Master their Minds, Themselves and Their Lives.

We are passionate about helping people succeed and our courses have been put together to help you achieve Success in all aspects of your life. 


Find out more about our courses below.

Our Courses.

We offer Courses that are designed to help People Master their Minds, Themselves and Their Lives.

We are passionate about helping people succeed. We have created courses to help you achieve Success in all aspects of your life. 

Remember To Pick Up Your Free Report: 5 Steps to Improving Your Mindset after You have Checked out our Courses. Just click on this image on your right.

Find out more about our courses below.


Life Mastery Master Class is a place where you can learn about:

  • The Importance of Your Mindset, and how it affects Your Life and Success

  • How to Master Your Mind or Subconscious mind and Make Yourself More Successful

  • How to Master Yourself-and Restore Your Own Authenticity.

  • How to Create Your Own Self-Discipline

  • How to Create Wealth – through Learning from the Most Success People in the World…

  • Freebies -We will give you highly valuable Free eBooks and videos as a Free Member of our site, so it’s worth Joining us.

  • Life Coaching Service is also available – click here. This is Online and via Skype.

  • New Courses are added regularly.

Please browse through our courses and register for the one that most meets your current needs..



– eBook Course. This is an ebook version of The Law Of Attraction. It explains the theory of the Law of attraction and guides you through the processes of How to Make the Law of Attraction Actually work for you. Click on Image for more information.



Can be studied alone or in combination with Make Your Dream Come True eBook. Also, often studied together with the Affirmation Secrets. This course is offered free to our Premium Members. Click on Image for more information.

MIND POWER MASTERY-COMPLETE HOME STUDY eBOOK COURSE: Explains how to Change Your Mindset Positively in order to achieve great success in Your Life. Click on the Image for more Information.

MIND POWER MASTERY VIDEO COURSE – 10 MODULES IN VIDEOS – Excellent Combination with the Mind Power Mastery eBook Course. Makes the Course Much Easier to Understand. Click on the Image for more information.

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION MASTERY – eBOOK COMPREHENSIVE HOME STUDY COURSE: Teaches You to take a critical look at How You think, how you take action and how you react to various situations in your life. You will learn how to achieve the transformation You need to increase your life’s successes. Click on the image for more information.

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION MASTERY – VIDEO COURSE: A necessary Component of the eBook Version – usually studied together with its eBook Counterpart. Makes the lessons much easier to understand. Click on the image for more information.


Explains the best way to create affirmation statements so that they are effective. It is a necessary complement to the Law of Attraction. This Course is offered Free to Our Members. Click on the image for more information.



SELF- MASTERY COURSE: Becoming Your Beautiful Authentic Self. Have you ever wanted to understand who you really are? This Six Module Course explores your motives, your thought processes and your fears. Most importantly, it walks you through the processes of your mindset, how to change it for the better and how to eventually become your true authentic self and live a much happier life. Highly recommended. Click on the image for more Information.




This Course exposes the Secrets of the Most Successful People on Earth .. They share with You their humble beginnings and the methods and success strategies that they employed to plot their way to success, people like Oprah Winfrey and many more.

To get you started, please fill out the form above to Download Your Free Report: 5 Steps To Improving Your Mindset.

About Dr Grace Anderson, Your Success Coach.

Dr Grace Anderson, CEO, Amazing Success Group Ltd, is Your Success Coach on Life Mastery Master Class.

Dr Grace Anderson is a Success Coach being an NLP Practitioner. She was also an outstanding Headteacher in Nigeria for 10 Years before relocating to London, UK where she taught English for over 25 years before retiring in 2016. She has several degrees including B.A (Hons) English, and a Ph.D in Educational Management and Counselling.
As a published writer, she has written several plays, short stories and poems. Her published novels include the award-winning novel Dizzy Angel, The Broken Bond and Ada in London. You can find these found on this website:, or on
You may read more about Dr Grace Anderson on the current website in the “About” page. 
Dr Anderson’s other coaching website is:
She writes blogs on Success Strategies regularly on:

Here are a few of the many testimonies from people who already benefited from Dr Anderson’s Coaching…

Here are a few of the testimonies from people who already benefited from Dr Anderson’s Coaching…

Mrs F.S, Housewife, BOSTON, USA, Dec, 2009.
I am very grateful to Dr Anderson for helping us save our marriage. When we started our Coaching Sessions with her over the phone, we were a bit sceptical, wondering what she could do for us that we hadn’t already done before. However, her methodical way of looking at details and setting us goals, made it so much easier for us to look at our marital problems dispassionately and gradually arrive at a peaceful and amicable settlement. My husband and I are now very happy together. I highly recommend Dr Anderson as a relationship coach. 
Read more

Mr C.B, Sales Consultant, London, UK, March 2010.
When I first started on my Coaching Sessions with Dr Anderson, I thought, well, being a Sales Consultant, I really don’t need any body’s help to improve my sales! However, after just two sessions with Dr Anderson, I realised that I actually needed help more than I thought. She set me goals, insisted on written evidence of what I achieved over every week, helped me to map out my new goals in a much clearer manner and encouraged me to celebrate my achievements however small. Read more: 

R.U, Head Teacher, London, January, 2018.
I first knew and worked with Dr Anderson in Nigeria while she was Principal of Emotan College, Benin City. I admired her greatly then because she and her school were always in the State and National news for their many achievements.  I had only then just recently qualified as an English teacher myself, and was hugely impressed when the then Federal Ministry of Education proclaimed Emotan College a “Model School” and commended Dr Anderson, as an outstanding Head Teacher! 
Read more

Mr F.P, Executive Consultant, UK, July, 2017.
Being an Executive Consultant for several high-profile companies, I work away from home a lot – travelling to France, Switzerland, America, China, and other places around the world. I just could not find the time to say my prayers, read the Bible, or be in a spiritual communication with God and my family. Funnily enough, I began to feel quite depressed about this inadequacy in my life and I needed help. A friend recommended Dr Anderson to me and I gave her a call. Read more.

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