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         Are You in a new Relationship? Or, have you been married for a while?
                        If yes, this exciting relationship course:


                                  will be just perfect for you!

Relationships – ups and downs.

Relationships can be great fun but sometimes, they can also be a great pain!
In this course, you will find out what happens when the courting period is over and you have now settled sown with your partner in your new home…
Suddenly, you are wondering: “Where on earth did the passion go?” 
Why are we now beginning to “shout” instead of “speaking lovingly” to each other?
This course will explain it all to you.

Are things already getting Difficult?

Or, maybe, you are already finding things difficult – your partner hardly ever listens attentively to what you are saying…?
Does it mean he/she no longer loves you?
This course will show you how to communicate effectively with your partner.

Is Yours a Blended Family?

Do you or your partner have children? Is yours a blended family? Has there been bereavement of a parent and you are left to tackle the pain of the children left behind?
This course will give you some suggestions on how best to handle these issues and ensure that you and your new family members are happy. 

Sex and Sexuality.

Perhaps, you are a man who cannot quite understand how to make your wife happy in the bedroom.. Well find out from this course what you can do to ensure that your lady is happy in the bedroom.

What the Course Contains.

There are five modules and 35 lessons in this course, and we cover the following:

Module 1 – Where did all the Passion go?

Module 2: The Importance of Effective communication

Module 3: Handling Disagreements

Module 4: Your Space, My Space, Our Space

and Module 5: Sex and Sexuality.

Each Module has 7 Lessons – and we cover several aspects of the main topic, to ensure that you get all the tools you need to succeed in your relationship.

Enrol Now For a 50% Discount on the Price.

So, do you want to Keep the Fire of Love Burning for Life in your Relationship? If Yes, please head to the course now and enrol for reduced price – 50% discount from its original price. The price will go up soon, so, click here to learn more and enrol.

Bonus When You Enrol.

1. Positive Affirmations Secrets Video Course 

2. Weekly Live Group Video Calls with Dr Anderson to share your progress or for you to ask questions.

Hope to see you soon.