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True Happiness Comes From Loving Who You Are Just As You Are…


True happiness cannot be bought.  It can, however,  be acquired. 

 What are the steps to true happiness?

True happiness, I believe, can be achieved by doing the following:

1. Love Yourself Just As You Are.

“Yea, right..” I hear you say.. “Yea, love myself with my poverty,

 my over-weight body, my skinny self, my illnesses, 

 my warts and all..that’s not possible!”

Okay! So, what’s your alternative? 

There isn’t an alternative, I’m afraid.

You can love all the beautiful people around you, or on the internet. 

That’s fine, but that is living in virtual reality. 

Those people are not YOU and CAN NEVER be you! 

You can emulate them, copy what they do that you admire, 

but you can never turn out to be them!

You are STUCK with YOU, I am afraid – YOU, just as you are now!

That’s the stark reality.

2. Be Proactive and Take Positive Actions To Create Change in Your Life.

If there are things you don’t like about yourself right now, fine. We all go through phases like that in our lives.

 It could be that you want more money, and so, a new job. It could be  that you hate the way you look now because of your weight.

 That’s fine – find a way to lose some of that weight, to get back to the size you want. It is up to you to create the positive actions that will give you back the real you that you used to be.  

3. Start by Appreciating The Good Qualities You Currently Have.

Start by being truly grateful for your life. Think of your friends, or family members, who have now died. You are still alive. So, be grateful for your life!

Count the good qualities that you currently have – eg, your kindness, your warm smiles, your caring attitude, and all other things that your friends and family like about you.. and begin to give yourself more love, kindness, excellent care, smiles, etc. LOVE YOURSELF too!

4. Be True To Yourself and Start To Live Authentically.

Living authentically can only come when you are true to yourself – when you stop wishing to be other people, without knowing their true circumstances, or having the same resources that they have.

Be True to Yourself and Love Who You Are.

You will achieve greater happiness in your life when you are true to yourself. 

When you are true to yourself, you will begin to truly love who you are.

5. Improve Yourself as Much as You Can.

Learn a new skill, get a Mentor, and plan for a better tomorrow. Follow your dream and do everything you can to achieve it. Be grateful for every success, however small. 

6. Learn More.

To learn more about how to be true to yourself, so you can start living an authentic life, please click this link.  

Here’s to your success!

Dr Grace Anderson.