How to Improve Your Self-Confidence.                                         

Your Self-Confidence is an essential part of your personality.

If You are naturally a confident person, you will be happy among colleagues and friends.

You will usually be able to face everyday challenges without fear or trepidation.

If, on the other hand, you lack a positive self-esteem and self-confidence, you will find that every day chores become harder for you. You will lend yourself to bullying by unscrupulous colleagues and other people, simply because they can sense your feeling of insecurity.

How Can You Improve Your Self-Confidence?

There are several ways to improve your self-confidence.

First, it is important to improve your self-esteem.

So, what are Self-Esteem and Self-Concept?

Your Self-Concept is purely how you view yourself. If you view yourself as one who is capable of achieving success in whatever field you are in, then you will often go about your business with your head held high.

It would mean that you have a positive self-concept. Your own concept of who you are, is what radiates your self-confidence or the lack of it. That will then help to improve your self-esteem – that is, the overall view of your own worthiness.

How can you improve your Self-Esteem?

To improve your self-esteem – your own concept of yourself, you need to do the following:

  1. Find out your main capabilities. 

What skills do you have that you can show off to other people? Are you good with your hands? Can you create anything? Are you naturally helpful, caring, considerate? Are you good at sports, singing, dancing, photography..etc? Re-discover those skills and be truly proud of having them. You know why? You may not believe it, but you are likely to be better at those your special skills than a huge percentage of people on earth!! So, why not be PROUD of who you are and what you can do?

  1. Stop Talking Yourself Down.

Some people have the constant habit of talking themselves down and literally wanting to hide their heads in shame for no particular reason – “I am not good enough!” “I am not good-looking enough!” “I am too skinny”. “I am too fat”.  “I really can’t contribute to any conversation – I am not smart enough..” etc, etc. It’s called “self-deprecation”.

If you believe your own self-chatter, then you have condemned yourself, even before anyone else has had a chance to take a look at you!

Instead of putting yourself down – and no, that is not being humble! – raise your head high, you are unique! Be proud of who you really are and be happy to show that to the world, without any fear of what others might think or say!

Your self-confidence will improve dramatically if you learn to value yourself and appreciate who you are.

When you know your strengths, you can achieve success in life, based on those strengths. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Our strengths should help us work on our weaknesses, so that we can improve our lives just as we want.

Be proud of who you are and your self-confidence will improve dramatically.

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Dr Grace Anderson.



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