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Welcome to our Transformational Coaching Service for Your Total Life-Mastery.

Dr Anderson is a qualified and very highly experienced Master Coach. She has several qualifications in Coaching as well as being an NLP Practitioner. Dr Anderson specialises in helping people improve their personal lives, as well as their relationships and businesses. Dr Anderson takes a wholistic approach in her coaching. She applies Transformational techniques which enable her clients to see what the real problem is, right at the beginning of the coaching journey. She applies The G.R.O.W. methodology, as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Techniques, to ensure that her clients easily understand what their inhibitions are and how to quickly get rid of them.

With Dr Anderson, you are assured of successful results within a few sessions of her coaching with you. She will put you at ease within a few minutes, and lead you through various stages of your own self-discovery, so that you can both focus on the actual cause of the problems you have in the following sessions. Her sole aim is to help you achieve and celebrate your successes.

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Watch this Brief Introduction on our Life Coaching Style.

Watch the Introduction to Our Business Growth Mentoring Service.


Dr Anderson can coach you to success in the following areas:

==>> Goal Setting

               ==>> Mindset Improvement

      ==>> Career Coaching

==>> Dating Guide

==>> Confidence Building

==>> Leadership Coaching

==>> Relationship Improvement

==>> Business Growth Mentoring

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Business Growth Mentoring Service.

Business Growth Mentoring Services is designed for Business Owners.
You will be shown how best to Market your business so that you can increase your sales almost effortlessly. This is a very successful way of growing your business and increasing your sales.

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